NG-Innovations GmbH and Vetros® GmbH cooperate for luminous and individually mixable crystal mosaics.

The Bavarian NG-Innovations GmbH, supplier of AMADi® illuminated mosaic solutions and the Berlin-based company Vetros® GmbH, specialist for glass mosaics, announce a strategic partnership. The convincing lighting technology of NG-Innovations paired with the crystal mosaic of Vetros®, individually mixed according to customer requirements, gives both companies a unique position in the highly competitive market of innovative building materials and at the same time exclusive and state-of-the-art lighting.

Töging am Inn, 03.September 2019

Vetros-LogoThe German supplier NG-Innovations GmbH is expanding its range of innovative AMADi® illuminated mosaics with the crystal glass mosaic from Vetros®, the specialist for glass mosaics. For Vetros® GmbH, the lighting technology from NG-Innovations is a strategic addition to the portfolio.

Farben Vetros MixWith Vetros®'s mix of over 100 different colours, which can be individually adapted to every customer's wishes, every customer can create his own personal mix of glass mosaic stones. This individually composed mix is now paired with the highly innovative indirect lighting from NG-Innovations GmbH.

The flexibly applicable AMADi® illuminated mosaics allow indirect and, if desired, dimmable lighting in tile or border form in a wide variety of applications within the mix and outside the living area.

MixThe patented manufacturing process, which is already successfully used for AMADi® illuminated mosaics, guarantees a very high quality, which allows the use of the frost-proof as well as waterproof solution in different environments. Customers already use AMADi® illuminated mosaic in pool, bathroom, sauna, living room, bedroom or kitchen areas as well as for stairs, terraces or balconies. There is hardly any environment that does not gain in living quality through the discreet, innovative, durable and energy-saving lighting with AMADi® illuminated mosaics.

"Our customers tell us enthusiastically about the new possibilities in which places they already use AMADi® illuminated mosaics. The enthusiasm and satisfaction of our customers is our incentive to maintain this high quality and to continuously expand the range of solutions", Renate Kopp, Managing Director at NG-Innovations, continues.

About NG-Innovations GmbH

UhrwerkThe NG-Innovations GmbH was founded with the clear goal of creating innovations for everyday life. The highly qualified team is made up of enthusiasts, visionaries, perfectionists and tinkerers for whom "round not round" and "square not square" is enough. True to the company motto: Shaping the future with passion and innovation!

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