The one and only, AMADi® luminous mosaic

AMADi® Badezimmer Beleuchtung
AMADi® Aussenbeleuchtung
AMADi® Küchenbeleuchtung

The Challenge!

The Mission!

The Solution!

The Product!

AMADi® luminous mosaic is available in many variations and colors. Square or rectangular – this solution is adaptable to your project.

AMADi entrance

AMADi® luminous mosaic tiles and borders can be cut into almost every conceivable shape and angle and still remains fully functional. Even the cut-off section of the tile or trim can still be used.

TerrasseA wide range of application possibilities offers you almost limitless creative options like subtle and innovative lighting solutions for wallS or floors.





Always One Step Ahead!




AMADi® luminous mosaic tile or border is integrated selectively into the tiled sections as an eyecatcher.

All of our products are developed and manufactured in Germany and convince by design and quality in detail.