AMADi News March 2021

Presentation with success

A real eye-catcher is our new display for presenting up to four inlays with up to 15 samples per inlay.

The new display is modeled on its big brother and was developed with the aim of complying with corporate identity requirements while also finding its home in cramped exhibition spaces. We paid great attention to flexibility and functionality.

Visually, the display convinces with its eye-catching design with a prominent LED lighting. The products are presented in a clear manner and highlights are highlighted. Hidden storage compartments offer space for two additional inlays.
Dimensions display-L: 114 x 40 x 200 (WxDxH) cm
Dimensions display-M:: 65 x 44 x 200 (WxDxH) cm
A customer magnet for any exhibition, Happy Selling!